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About The Book

Parenting is hard work, especially in a world of conflicting values and a myriad of opinions on how best to raise your children. Leaving a Family Legacy is written to instill confidence in parents to courageously raise their children in the Lord. Parents are challenged to consider the legacy their family is leaving and to intentionally invest in raising children who know God personally, bring joy to their family, and make a difference in their world.

Rather than delivering formulas, Alvaros share principles found in God’s Word to be uniquely implemented in each family. Through real-life scenarios, they explore successes, failures, and the lessons learned from both. Topics include: 

  • Instilling values and developing character

  • Restoring peace out of chaos

  • Cultivating a relationship with God

  • Connecting with your children

  • Dealing with conflict

Each chapter is followed with application steps for implementing strategies as well as discussion questions for small group study.


Leaving a Family Legacy

Our family has been one of the greatest gifts in my life and I hope the same for each of you. Yet I know that raising kids is challenging, especially in a world of busy schedules, rapid change, and more advice than we can handle! Parenting can be daunting and overwhelming. I wrote Leaving a Family Legacy with Gerald to capture some of the primary principles that we’ve learned through raising our own kids, plus a few others, and years of walking alongside other parents. Our hope is to encourage parents that You’ve got this! With God on your side and a few basic tools, you too can create a family that is a blessing to you and those around you.

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